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Ugh, yesterday was a weird day.

I had class in the evening, so I drove allll the way out to Denton in the pouring rain. It was SUPER cold, which annoyed me since I actually had to be outside. Anyway, I always go to class about two hours early so I can work on my research. So I'm hanging out in the library doing that and then I decide to get myself on over to my class building before the rain gets worse.

I get outside and it's snowing! The sky is POURING flakes. It was really gorgeous. But cold. BOO. I duck into the computer lab real quick to check my email and find that our instructor canceled the on-site class and decided to do a chat instead because she didn't want to go out in the bad weather. DOUBLE BOO.

I still have about 45 minutes so I decide to book it on home, which I do and have my class chat from here. The sky is mostly dry all the way home.

THEN. About 11 p.m., I go to let the dogs out and find this:


Today, it's all gone of course and supposedly we'll hit 50. OH TEXAS WEATHER. But I'm glad it's going to warm up again, I need to get out today and vote. I guess.

Also? I am STARVING this morning. What the heck body? Drink your coffee and shush up!
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