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Primary Voting

deirdre_c asked me to post about my voting experience, so here it is!

I've always wondered WHY they do voting inside elementary school. I mean, I understand that it's neutral, etc. but it just seems like a place that you wouldn't want 700 billion extra and random adults walking thorough all day.

Anyway, the parking lot was completely full. I was a little surprised because I didn't realize that there were that many Democrats in ALL of Texas, let alone in just the little town where I live.

Once I got inside though, I saw why...it was the voting place for both Republican and Democrats (with the two sides divided by gym mats!) and about eight precincts from both sides were all voting in this one place. So, you had to know your precinct number, which I did not.

They sent me over to the election judge (or whatever he's called) to look it up and he can't find it. We look on a map but that precinct doesn't have me on the rolls. *sigh* I knew for 100 percent certain that I was registered so it was a little frustrating.

ONE HOUR LATER they finally manage to confirm that I AM registered and they let me vote. It took 2.2 seconds and then I left.

Frustrating but DONE. I probably won't go back to caucus tonight because I am LAZY, but we'll see how I feel at 7 p.m.

The end!
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