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I haven't read any fanfic in a really long time. I just looked and I have 58 stories tagged to be read. Some by my favorite authors too! For some reason I just cannot concentrate on fic tight now. It'll all get ready eventually, I promise.

In any case, what I have been reading lately is books. Like, actual BOOKS from the library! It's very exciting. In among the other stuff I've been reading, I decided I wanted to re-read the Ender series, which I love. I looked it up online so I could figure out the book order and found a thing from Orson Scott Card (the author) saying the books could be read in the published order or chronologically. Last time I read in published order, so this time I decided to do chronological.

It's REALLY interesting and putting the stories into a totally different perspective. In the published order, the storyline follows one character's story through several books and sort of morphs into other character's stories and then several of the books are a parallel character's version of events. But read in chronological order, every book switches character perspective. It's really neat! And a testament to what a good universe it is that reading it in two different ways shows two different stories.

Anyway, while looking that up, I found some stuff about OSC's Homecoming series, which I've also read before and really liked. Apparently the story is patterned after the Book of Mormon, which I did not know! (I knew OSC was Mormon, I just didn't know this series was too.) I enjoyed it a lot when I read it years and years ago, so I'm excited to re-read with this new perspective in mind too.

The OTHER interesting thing I read this morning was And Tango Makes Three, which the ALA says was the most frequently challenged book in 2006. It's a kid's book about two male penguins who fall in love and eventually adopt and hatch an egg. It's adorable and very sweetly written and I can admit that my throat was a little tight when the egg actually hatches!

But what REALLY got to me was when I flipped to the last page and found out it was based on a true story! For really real! I had no idea!

The two birds are named Roy and Silo and they live at the NYC Central Park Zoo and were together for six years. One of them has since left the pairing and hooked up with a female penguin.

Anyway, such a neat and unique story. Fun stuff, y'all.
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