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I love what you love!

Max is driving me INSANE today. Anyone want to adopt a dog?

Here's a bit of complete random...for the last week I have been smelling something floral in my house. It doesn't smell bad, it's just...floral. Which is an unusual scent for me to have around. And I've looked and looked and couldn't identify where it's coming from. So, yesterday I take off my shirt and the smell is ALL OVER MY SHIRT. Hmmmm! So I sniff and think and smell and ponder and realize...it's my new deodorant. I've been smelling MYSELF. *facepalm* At least I smelled good.


OK, here's our game for today:

Comment and tell me something you love. And then I will tell you what *I* love about what you love. And then you reply and tell me what you love about that thing too.

Got it? OK, let's do it, let me start obsessing about everything you love. GO!
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