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in a basement down the stairs

Today I went for a walk. Outside! Just because I could! It was gorgeous. And then, later? When I walked to the mailbox? I wore FLIP FLOPS. *beams* It was brilliant.

And IN my mailbox was a letter from weesta! On a BEAUTIFUL card. Thank you P! I also got an adorable note from annkiri. Thanks B! And thanks for that other thing too. Aaaand, tell Jensen thanks as well. HEEE.

Do you watch any really BAD TV that you'd be embarrassed to admit to other people? Like, ok. I watched some Bad Girls Club a few days ago. It's SO BAD. There was an actual girl fight! I couldn't look away. And then I was watching America's Next Top Model and while it isn't as bad...y'all. It's still pretty bad. They wore MEAT BIKINIS. And, uhm, there's more. OH YES. But I'm not admitting it until you tell me some of yours.

You know what kind of fic I want and can't find at the moment? That really soft, slow wake-up sex, where the boys are just sound asleep and all tangled together and one of them wakes up a little and just kisses the other back to consciousness and they're just...in love and making each other feel good and they aren't even fully awake yet...mmmm.

Or. Handcuffs.


Also, did you see that Sam/Madison was named one of TV's Steamiest Love Scenes by TV Guide? MMMMHMMM. HOT SAMMY.
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