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It has been pouring rain outside all day. My backyard is completely flooded. *grumbles* The dogs absolutely REFUSE to go out in it until they cannot hold it another second. And then, Max does this weird duck-walk where he picks his feet up realllly high and does his best to only have two paws touching the ground at a time. It's HILARIOUS.

I see that WinCon hotel registration is open, which is VERY EXCITING. I'm already pre-stressed about it though. This part never goes smoothly for me! But that's ok, I'll work it through. I know from long experience that people's plans in March are not necessarily people's plans in October and there's lots of time to freak out about it LATER.

Last night I dreamed that unperfectwolf and I were running a summer camp in the mountains. In Seattle. And it rained constantly so we had to stay inside all the time watching old SPN episodes. I don't even know!

This has been the strangest day.
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