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Strange Fire: Indigo Girls

I've been on an Indigo Girls BINGE lately. Man, I've been listening to their music for 20 years. It just hits something in me, I love it so much. I've said many times that the Indigo Girls sing the songs of my soul because it's like...it's like they look inside my head and my heart and put those words into poetry and set it to music. It's just incredible how much I identify with their music.

It's mostly just two girls and their guitars. Later stuff has other instruments and techniques added in. Their music is very folk-sy but again, as they grew, they picked up more of a rocker edge. Their lyrics are actual poetry. Their melodies have literally brought tears to my eyes before, so gorgeous.

I wanted to post about some of their lyrics but I couldn't decide how to do it. A top ten list wouldn't work, I could never choose only ten! I decided to post each album, but that sort of sucks too because their first two albums are not my favorite. So, let's start getting that out of the way so we can get onto the good stuff, yeah?

Strange Fire is their first album and it's basically their demo tape. It's very elementary but it's very interesting to compare it to their later stuff and see how much their music has grown. Originally their manager felt their style was too "immature" and that they'd never get a record deal....hearing Strange Fire changed his mind.

Strange Fire: Indigo Girls

1. Strange Fire
2. Crazy Game
3. Left Me A Fool
4. I Don't Wanna Know
5. Hey Jesus
6. Get Together
7. Walk Away
8. Make It Easier
9. You Left It Up To Me
10. Land Of Canaan

This album is my least favorite of everything they've done, which I know is not a ringing endorsement. Heh. Still, there's good stuff here.

Get Together is a re-make of the "come on people now, smile on your brother" song and it's really awesome.

Land of Canaan is AWESOME, but they record a better version of it later, so I'll talk about it then.

Crazy Games
sometimes everything is in the way you're wanting to look at it, turn your view around, dry your eyes. eyes like yours should carry a smile, i haven't seen them sparkle in a while, give it one more try, dry your eyes.

I Don't Wanna Know
I'm not scared and i'm not lonely. i'm not saving all my money or my breath. i'm not looking for an answer, i'm not asking anyone to second guess. I was losing all my senses, i was losing all control, it was getting so offensive, now you want me back for more, cause i just won't go.

Hey Jesus
i'm not gonna call on you any more. i'm sure you've got a million things to do, all i was trying to do was to get through to you, get through to you because when i die and i get up to your doors i don't even know if you're gonna let me in the place, how come i gotta die to get a chance to talk to you face to face?

Walk Away
now we're crossing from the sacred ground, where we once held each other, and each other's names. when the words are sparse, we feel we're so profound, but babe you know all i feel, i feel so ashamed.

Make It Easier
i got a chip on my shoulder about the size of a mental block, i've got someone on the telephone trying to sell me a future in stock, maybe i work too hard to be happy, and i should practice letting go, but it's hard not to rock the boat when you're sailing against the undertow.

i need my life to be breezier i said, please, god, or someone, make it easier.

You Left It Up To Me
I can't salvage your truth for you. everybody else already knows and it hurts you to realize so leave well enough, enough alone. you don't need my hands to help you understand, you don't need to hear my voice, you have no choice. so don't being throwing stones, the closer we get, the harder they come. now, even if you're feeling alone, don't come home. cause when it was up to you, you left it up to me.


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