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Jared and Jensen in LA

I'm home and so exhausted.

My camera failed yet AGAIN so if you know of awesome pic posts, please link me. Please trust me when I say that this camera will not see the light of day again.

I know y'all have already heard all about the con in great detail and seen the vids and all that, so I won't go into it all. But, tomorrow I'll do a better con recap and talk alllll about the awesome people I saw and all the fun we had during the con and outside of it.

A few things real quick-like:

  • annkiri and I talked to Jason a little bit about his and Jensen's single and he said that they recorded it a few times and Jensen wasn't happy with it so finally he said that he didn't want to do it Jason's way, he wanted to do it his own way. So, the country was all Jensen's idea. Jason said he thought it turned out really well and he seemed pleased that we liked it. He also referred to Jensen as "J," which makes me super happy for no known reason.

  • I asked Kripke the bodyswap question. He was freaking amazing.

  • I also asked Jared if he had any tattoos. Sadly he said no, but he also added YET.

  • I had a picture taken with both boys. It happened super fast and the room was crammed full of people. We posed for the pic and Jensen had the softest shirt EVER on and Jared has this adorable grin, it was awesome. I said "thanks y'all" and started to walk away. Jared was all "You said Y'all! Y'all. I love that." I grinned, he grinned, it was amazing.

  • OK, autographs. I had signed. Becca and I talked to Jensen about recording the single and he confirmed that he wanted to sing it his own way. He seemed pleased that we liked it and gave us a gorgeous smile. Jared was really entranced by what Becca had given him to sign so that was the real topic of convo. When he saw my pic he laughed and said "You know what he's thinking right there? Man, this guy is STRONG!" Heeee!

    Alright, here are some of my blurry and dark pictures. YAY! (These are all out of order, sorry.)

    Jared likes my y'all! *beams* HEEE!
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