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Official Kripke Minion

annkiri just sent me a link to this article. See that part where she mentions that the fan who suggested the bodyswap idea to Kripke should register the idea? THAT WAS ME! I'm famous! *laughs at self*

Dear Kripke: Unless you want to pay residuals to all of fandom, the idea is yours for free. Love, Wendy

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I've always liked Kripke just fine. But after his panel, I hardcore LOVE him. He was just amazing and smart and fun and had something to say on every topic and never brushed off any question. It was clear he has a process and a plan and it was so fun to watch HIM geek out over something he loves so much.

And as someone else mentioned, Kripke was the only person to get a standing ovation throughout the entire con, and that includes Jared and Jensen. He deserved it too!

I had been kind of GRRRR that more of his panel wasn't available on video yet, but now it is! YAY! It's in pieces, but if you go here and scroll down to the Kripke section, you'll see it all. It's worth watching, I promise!

I need a Kripke icon. NEED!
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