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OK, I had a plan for today. Get up, make my Big Bang post, glance over LJ and then plunge into the week of homework I'm behind on. It was to be all homework, all day.

But then.

ze_pink_lady posted this picspam from the con and my brain melted and I'll never be able to concentrate again. EVER. I reaaaalllly hope some awesome icon maker pays close attention to that post. I NEED icons from it, ok? OMG! *breathes into paper bag*

Also, I completely forgot about this story until annkiri posted it yesterday:
One of the cutest moments came when Jared was about to launch into some story and Jensen sort of turns to Jared and yells, "SUPERNATURAL" and Jared stops talking to laugh (clearly it's some joke between them) and then Jensen says, we'll tell that story later.

The story is that when they were shooting something on a University Quad (I forget which one). They had just pulled up in their Big SUV and Jared was in the front. He got out first and there was some guy with a backpack walking by and when he saw Jared his eyes got really big and his jaw dropped and then Jensen got out and the face got even bigger (Jensen was demonstrating and I hope someone got this on Video because it was adorable and hilarious) and that all he was able to get out as he walked past them was, "SUPERNATURAL!" and then he booked it. It was pretty funny and clearly something that has become some sort of inside joke with them.

I don't know if that clip is online or not but OMG. HY-LARIOUS. If I could figure out how to convey the way they say SUPERNATURAL in an icon, I'd use it every day. SUPERNATURAL. Once it gets in your head, it's stuck there. SUPERNATURAL. *giggles to self*

And then, I wanted to remember one more thing that happened at the con but wasn't star-related.

So. There was a super funky elevator system that I won't go into but we kept getting stuck going UP when we needed to go DOWN. annkiri, moonmelody and I were in the elevator going up, I don't know, 13 more floors that we needed. And some random guy gets in. He sees our badges and this happens:

Guy: Are you guys here for a convention?
Us: Yup.
Guy: What's it for?
Us: *complete panic*
wendy: Supernatural. You know, the TV show?
Guy: Oh right, right.
Guy: So...what do you guys do for the show?
Us: *absolute horror, blank faces, actual inhalation of breath, physical panic*
wendy: Uhm, stuff. You know, just...nothing.
Guy: Oh.
*elevator doors open*
Guy: *books it out of there in 2 seconds flat*
*elevator doors close*
annkiri: That is IT. From now on we're here for a NURSING convention, GOT IT??

That poor guy was soooo traumatized. He couldn't even LOOK at us. It was hysterical and awkward and awesome.

I'm pretty sure this is my last con post. Aren't you glad? *grin*

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