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Mom called last night to tell me that Addison now can say "banana." All I could think of was Banana is the safe word! It ruined the moment a bit. *grin*

Still want/need a Kripke icon.

SPEAKING OF ICONS! Lookie at the SUPERNATURAL icon vileseagulls made me! *beams* I love it so much! SUPERNATURAL. But! I can't decide whether to tag the icon as SPN or J2. DECISIONS.

Five Things I'm Thankful For Today:
1. Max sleeping with his head on my tummy.
2. My Mom tearing up yesterday because we hadn't talked in seven days and she missed me.
3. Inside jokes.
4. All the amaaaaaazing story ideas people have for Big Bang. Oh MAN.
5. My laundry is completely done.

I'm about to delete and upload a ton of icons. This makes me anxious. Why? So silly.

I feel the very edges of a depression coming on and I'm not exactly sure why. I have to go to the library today for some quality research time, so...I'm hoping being out of the house will help. We'll see. Cross your fingers for me.

SUPERNATURAL. It'll never not be funny people. Never, ever!
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