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My mom just called all excited and freaking out, "New Kids on the Block are on TV! New Kids on the Block are on TV! TURN IT ON!"

I love my mom.

I also love NKotB. I'm very excited that there's a new album and bitterly sad that it sounds like they're only doing one concert. I want to seeeee!

Serious question: I have about five icons that I want made. Mostly text, with a little room for creativity. Is there anyone willing to take that on if I make a donation to Sweet Charity in your name? (I just looked and you can donate unrelated to an auction.) I'm totally serious, so let me know and I'll email you details and you can decide for sure. None of what I want is complicated, it's....just more that I can will into existence on my own. You know?

Yesterday, editorzon left me this comment, which is pretty much made of brilliance:
If Starbucks was a god? There would be an altar in my living room and I would burn candles and sprinkle coffee beans and cut open tea bags to sacrifice to the god of caffeine bliss.
When do the EyeCon activities start kicking off good and proper?

Happy Friday y'all!
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