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Two quick things even though it's Saturday and no one reads LJ on Saturday...

  • Jared Q&A. There is a SPOILER for a future ep in the interview. But Jared is adorable and makes goofy faces and is wearing his hot coat (No seriously, WHY did he never take that coat off all weekend?) and he compares Sam to Luke Skywalker, which I love. YAY for adorable Padalecki!

  • They are doing an evil!Sam exchange-thinger over at sammessiah. The sign up details are right here. I have evil!Sam NEEDS, ok? So you should go and sign up for that. Go on!

    I can hear my cell phone playing "Carry On" in the kitchen. Someone is texting me right now. *eyes all of you*

    OK, I'm off to a baby shower for a girl I've known since she was six-years-old. HAHA. I actually composed an LJ entry about her in my head last night. Maybe I'll share that with you later. I know, you can't wait!

    Happy Saturday y'all!
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