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SPN: S3 and S4 Predictions!

This post will be visible until April 23, 2008. Then it will disappear until May 16, when it will be made public again.

"For all you know, in the fourth season it's going to be Sam with a flashlight in haunted houses with a special cell phone that calls hell," Gamble said with tongue in cheek. "Everyone has a theory. Everyone will find out soon enough. They just have to wait a few more months."
Here's your chance to state your predictions, hopes and wants for the season three SPN finale. Let's see how close you can get!

Comment here and share:
  • Your prediction for the finale.
  • Will Dean be saved and how?
  • What will be the Big Cliffhanger that sets up season four?
  • Your predictions for season four.

    You also can share your wish lists for Sam and Dean, interesting links, tell me how YOU would write the season three finale, a pet peeve, a nice big fangirly squee, your favorite pictures of the boys or just random babble about whatever show-related thoughts are on your mind. (You can choose one or more of the above, or anything else you feel like saying. Go nuts. Be creative, be serious, be silly.)

    PLEASE NOTE: I am personally fine with spoilers and all comments are SCREENED so no one can be accidentally spoiled. So, if you want to refer to spoilers in your predictions/comment, that's FINE.

    This will only be fun and interesting if people play, so...play! And tell your friends to play! (this is absolutely open to everyone.)

    Go on, comment. Show off that meta, that knowledge of canon, that proof that you ARE Kripke in disguise. Let's see who can get closest to what really happens to our boys. Or who can make me laugh the hardest. WHICHEVER!

    See ya on the other side.
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