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Ducks and Derby

Yesterday Mom and I took Addison to the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth so she could see the koi fish. We thought they might scare her a little, but they didn't at all.

And then! What before my wondering eyes should appear? A momma duck and six little, fuzzy BABY ducks!! Addison looooves ducks. She calls them "duck-ducks" and has a huge stuffed duck. The theme for her birthday party even was ducks. But! She'd never seen a REAL duck before. And she FLIPPED OUT. It was adorable and amazing and awesome. (Yes, all three.)

While I was at Mom's house, she gave me a bunch of gorgeous heavy sterling silver and turquoise jewelry (several rings and about ten bracelets) that belonged to my paternal grandmother, who died when I was very little. It's so pretty and I can't wait to wear all of it. Also, it makes me feel nostalgic and loved every time I look at it.

Tomorrow is the first roller derby bout of the season. WOOO. I'm very excited. It's in a new location this year and we are not certain it's going to work, but we will see! Beer and yelling and girls knocking each other over....what could be wrong with that, right? Cannot wait to scream out all my aggressions!
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