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Three days to new SPN!

THIS IS THE WEEK. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and THEN...

Here are three pics of Sam and Dean together (as they always should be.)

OK, so listen. May 2 is Sam's birthday. Can you IMAGINE the state the poor guy is going to be in? This is for sure his last birthday with Dean, think they'll say good bye celebrate? I wonder if demons will try to bribe Sam with cake and ice cream? Really there should be some fic to help him celebrate....don't you think?

gwyntastic made this faaaaabulous Devil's Trap shirt. I have mine on right now and it's AWESOME. I love it so much. I might buy another one, I love it so much.

Oh say, remember CHAD? Here are some pictures of Chad Michael Murray looking hot. MMM. His shirt is barely on. Also, there's strawberry jam. No, really. SEXY CHAD. Helllllo drool-worthy abs and adorable spiky hair! I love him.

Lastly, "Crazy Love" is stuck in my head. Really, really stuck. It makes me mellow, right down to my soul. Only it doesn't. At this point, it sort of makes me want to stab my own eye out. I love the song, but I've been singing it for three days. *flail*

Happy Monday y'all.

P.S. Why am I no longer getting message emails when something I have tagged updates? *frown* Not cool LJ. I can't be everywhere at once you know.
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