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i alone love you...fear is not the end of this

If you aren't watching the SPN vid trailers over at spn_gleeweek, you really need to be. They are amazing and just...really making me happy for new SPN today. I NEED OUR BOYS BACK NOW, OK?

I also need uploads of all the songs people are using in those vids. *makes grabby hands* Such good music and then pictures of our boys and then angst and then love and....it's all a bit overwhelming at 9 a.m.!

I was thinking about last year when mkitty3 and I gathered up fangirl donations and gave them to an animal shelter in Jared's name. That was a fun project and I like that it was meaningful and impactful. Maybe we should try to get that going again over the summer as a season four welcome back gift to the boys? I know they picked charities at the LA con for donation money to go to. I don't remember what they were, but I'm sure someone does. :)

Anyway, I'm leaving here in a few to spend the day with my mom. I'll be back around this afternoon getting even more in the mode for NEW SPN TONIGHT. What gets you in the watching mood? Looking at old eps? Reading fic? Listening to music? What specifically are you doing today to amp up your excitement?

Link me, show me, tell me!

Later babies!
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