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Fangirls, the Colt, Near-Tattoos, Sam is Pretty, Sundays are Lazy

Yesterday afternoon I met up with tastyeyeliner and her buddy hellspearx17 for much Mexican food and fun.

Steph is ADORABLE and so mature and thoughtful and freaking HYSTERICAL. She had me in stitches the whole day. Between her jokes about dog and pony shows and her whole analogy about why Jared's dick is like the Washington Monument, I could not BREATHE. So much fun.

The girls mentioned to me that they were going on Monday to get tattoos of the Colt done. They had some really specific reasons for choosing it and I was all "YES YES YES I WANT ONE TOO!" And so we decided to go that day instead and just do it.

To make a long story short, after I'd disrupted all their plans and we had pictures in hand (and THANK YOU to everyone who gave me pics yesterday, they were PERFECT!), I had a small freak-out about getting a GUN permanently placed on my body. I'm just so vehemently anti-gun in my real life, I just can't do it. Even though I really (really, really) like the idea behind this particular tattoo idea.

I recognize it makes me an uber-nerd, but I really DO want an SPN-related tattoo. But I also want one that will still be meaningful to me personally in ten years times and...I don't know. I just somehow can't hit on an idea I like.

I did consider just getting the words from the Colt and no Colt itself but all my other tattoos are words-only and I think I need to move away from that. At least once, heh!

So anyway, instead we watched Bad Day at Black Rock and it was very fun to watch it with other fangirls and yell at the characters and gush about Sam's pretty out loud. *grin*

Steph and Liz are back to their tattoos-on-Monday plan and I hope I get to see them again before Steph goes home. I sort of want to keep her here in Dallas with me forever.


I am planning to just take it easy today. I'm going to finish betaing kashmir1's Big Bang fic (UGH SO GOOD!) and then possibly finish watching the first season of Sex and the City, which I'm about halfway through. Tomorrow I have to start slamming through my research project for school, so today is my last chance for lazy for awhile.


Happy Sunday y'all.
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