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Today is Sam's Birthday!

Today is Sam Winchester's 25th birthday.

Dear Sammy:

Happy birthday honey! In your honor today, I will: research things on my laptop, wear a hoodie, cut my lunch with the biggest knife I can find, say a prayer in Latin, give everyone around me disapproving looks, wear my bangs in my face, and daydream about making out with Dean.

Best wishes baby, stay strong on that demon-thing.

Love always and forever,

Between Dean's deal coming due and the demons trying to snag his soul, Sam is having a rough year. Let's celebrate for him!

I really want some comment porn about how Sam celebrates his birthday this year. Do you want to do that for me him?

And then, tell me one thing you love about Sam. Show me your fave pic of him. Link me to fic about him. Write a haiku about his hair or his hands or his lips. Give me five adjectives that describe him. Tell me five things he loves. Anything related to Sam, let me have it! Let's celebrate! OK? OK!
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