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This weekend was made of win!

Saturday night, a bunch of local fangirls were meeting for dinner, which turned out to be AWESOME.

Most of the people coming I hadn't met before, so I put on my Devil's Trap shirt that gwyntastic made, grabbed my copy of Jared's TV Guide and figured those things along with my Blackberry would be enough for people to identify me. Stopped briefly at Starbucks and then headed on to the restaurant a bit early because TPTB were giving me a wee bit of grief about bringing in a party of 20.

I was there just a few minutes when blacklid and her adorable husband showed up (with John's truck, but more on that later). I knew immediately that we'd get along though because she was drinking Starbucks too. *grin*

We talked for a few minutes and then wrenlet showed up and then I found some people already inside and then we sat and more people came and then more people came after that too. It was amazing and so fun and everyone was adorable and hysterical (OMG, laughed soooo hard) and it's always so fun to talk about Our Show and hot boys and slash and fic and everything else with people who GET YOU.

After we ate and I drank about 700 margaritas (the waitress just kept BRINGING them), I asked blacklid for a tour of John's truck and so we went outside to fangirl a little there.

The truck is AWESOME. Aaron opened the weapon's compartment in the back for us and it looks just like it does on the show. Appropriately, they had it full of rock salt! I wanted to get up in the cab and have a small moment, but it was SO HIGH and I was all ooooohhhhh from tequila and I'm prtty sure I would have needed a step ladder (it's def made for those Big Men on the show!) so I didn't. Anyway, lots of people took pictures and ooohed and ahhhhed and again...so much fun to be around people who Understand. They started it up and that deep sexy rubble filled the air (you watch the show, you know exactly what I'm talking about) and it was awesome. My fave part of seeing Truckzilla, for sure.

My second favorite moment was this conversation, which happened after we'd been standing out there for about 15 minutes:

Anon fangirl: *whirls around to face me* Wendy. That's The Truck.
Wendy: Yes, I know.
Anon fangirl: I thought it was just *a* truck, I just now realized that it's ACTUALLY John's ACTUAL truck.
Wendy: You thought they just had it outfitted like John's truck?
Anon fangirl: Yes! But that's really it! The REAL TRUCK.
Wendy: Yes honey, I know! *patpat*

I love that she never even blinked at the fangirl expectation that someone would just randomly make their truck look like Truckzilla. Of course they would! *beams*

After that, a handful of us went to a near by theater to see Iron Man, which was pretty good. I was exhausted and headed home right after. It was such a good time, I hope we'll all manage to get together again. Soon. A lot. SO MUCH FUN.

I promised to post a list of people that I know were there (and I'm missing at least two people) for stalking friending purposes. Come say hi!

blacklid (and her awesome guy)
hellspearx17 (Hell's Pear!)
jaimsie (who noted that her real name is Jaimie (wasted!)

Who'd I miss?

Today I went into Arlington to host a baby shower for one of my oldest friends. She looks really good, which is significant since she's technically on bed rest and because when she was pregnant with her first son, she ended up being hospitalized on the day we had her shower. Whoops. Her sister Deona (who also is pregnant) was there and our buddy Jill (also pregnant) was there, as well as a bunch of our other friends and family. It was just really nice. Dondie, Heather and I were posing for pictures together and people kept saying we looked just like we did when we were kids. *beams* I've known those girls since the sixth grade. Their families ARE my family. I love'em so much!

Also? There was cake.

Tomorrow? I will be attached to my computer all day doing Big Bang claims, so get pre-ready to entertain me please!
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