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I need an icon that says "do not panic," 'cuz y'all? DO NOT PANIC! OK? No panicking.

OK, now. First order of business...I just turned in my research project. It's kinda sucky but it's done and that means that my semester is DONE. DONE DONE DONE.

Second, I feel so weird right now. My eyes are killing me. Just super achy and it's hard to look at anything for any length of time. I also feel like the whole world is full of this soup-ey grey fog. I feel like if I could just wedge my arms through it then I could force open a gap to breath through. But I can't figure out HOW. And everything inside the fog is blurry and muffled and overcast.

Someone asked me where I got the Devil's Trap shirt I wore to dinner last Saturday. gwyntastic made it and you can get yourself one here or here.

Also, you remember my camera that died a sad death in LA? Well. My new one hasn't come yet so I took the crap one to dinner and, of course, the pictures are crappy. Argh. (COME TO ME FASTER NEW CAMERA.)

Anyway, there are a couple of snaps under the cut, so have a look-see. If you were there and took others, share with the class. :)

And then, jaimsie took this one after I'd already left. It's my faaavorite!

In other news, there is no other news! Tell me what's going on with you! And what movie I should go see tomorrow (I already saw Iron Man). And what you're reading! And what you're looking at! Vent! Complain! Compliment! Give it all to me! *makes grabby hands*
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