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Happy Friday Y'all!

The reveal post is up for Big Bang. I AM SO EXCITED. There are some really amazing ideas and summer is going to ROCK with all this amazing long fic to read.

Thanks to everyone who listened to me whine this week too. Despite all my blah blah blah blah, it tonly took three days to claim 115 prompts and that's awesome. Thank you to everyone who stepped up. You guys ROCK!

Can coffee go bad? I just opened a new bag and both pots I've made with I have been horrible. It's the same kind of coffee I always buy but it tastes really bitter and gross. *whimper*

My rose bushes are COVERED in blooms. They are freaking gorgeous. My backyard smells like perfume, the rose scent is so strong. Man. Beautiful.

I'm about to run to Wal-Mart to get new coffee and a cartridge for my printer and then I'm going to beta fic LIKE THE WIND. *beams*

I am beyond stoked that the Survivor final four is all women. Is this the first time that's happened? I really think it is. Natalie annoys me, she has to go. But any of the other three can win and I'll be happy and satisfied. I've read winner spoilers (of course) and if it all shakes out like that, it'll be good!
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