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Nomads Indians Saints: Indigo Girls

My first (and only) copy of this CD was bought from Recycled Books in Denton. They couldn't find the case that went with it, so they just stuck the disc in a clear case and gave it to me like that. And so, I never learned to associate the artwork with the CD and whenever I see it, I get excited that the Indigo Girls have put out a NEW CD, but no. It's this one!

This CD was released in 1990 and "Hammer and a Nail" went to #12 Billboard Modern Rock chart. That song, Watershed and Southland are some of my favorites. This album also contains one of my most favorite lyrics ever too...I've become the beggar now, you've become the saint somehow.

This album makes me think of college. And driving home on the weekends. And cooking dinner with the windows open and the music playing. And still summer camp too.

Nomads Indians Saints: Indigo Girls

1. Hammer and a Nail
2. Welcome Me
3. World Falls
4. Southland in the Springtime
5. 1 2 3
6. Keeper of My Heart
7. Watershed
8. Hand Me Downs
9. You and Me of the 10,000 Wars
10. Pushing the Needle Too Far
11. The Girl with the Weight of the World in Her Hands

Hammer and a Nail
I had a lot of good intentions, sit around for fifty years and then collect a pension,started seeing the road to hell and just where it starts, but my life is more than a vision, the sweetest part is acting after making a decision, I started seeing the whole as a sum of its parts.

I look behind my ears for the green, even my sweat smells clean, glare off the white hurts my eyes. gotta get out of bed get a hammer and a nail, learn how to use my hands, not just my head

World Falls
I woke up in the middle of a dream, scared the world was too much for me. Sejarez said, "don't let go, just plant the seeds and watch them grow."

Southland in the Springtime
I'm dirty from the diesel fumes, drinking coffee black, when the first breath of Texas comes in clean, and there's something 'bout the Southland in the springtime, where the waters flow with confidence and reason, though I miss her when I'm gone it won't ever be too long, till I'm home again to spend my favorite season

1 2 3
manic blood runs thick my friend, are you looking for a clean escape? what's left when the locks have all been broken, young children of authority? how long can you be agile, dancing between the alter and the mercy seat? here's a chance to make a choice, are you aware of the fire beneath your feet?

up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road, you can stand there and agonize, till your agony's your heaviest load, you'll never fly as the crow flies, get used to a country mile, when you're learning to face the path at your pace, every choice is worth your while

Hand Me Downs
everything that I believe is wrong with you is wrong with me, everything I truly love, I love in you and I love in me, so give me hope, give me hope, that emptiness brings fullness, and loss of love brings wholeness to us all

Pushing the Needle Too Far
we've all been removed in one way or another, we don't know our families, we don't need our brothers

if you wake up in the morning, grey dawn, with a prayer on your breath, maybe you lost something precious, God'll save you, from losing yourself


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