I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

Fangirl Code: I wish they sold Twizzlers in this Funkytown.

So, Saturday I posted about wanting a fangirl "code" to identify people out and about in public.

missyjack (hilariously) suggested we say "I wish they sold Twizzlers here".

heidi8 (brilliantly) suggested "Funkytown."

I smooshed them together to say "I wish they sold Twizzlers in this Funkytown." PERFECT! I mentioned that I wanted a t-shirt that said that and several other people concurred.

riversbend has figured out how to set up a CafePress shop at zero markup (meaning no one makes profit, it just costs what the shirts cost) but....we're missing a DESIGN.

Anyone want to make something that says the Fangirl Code, so we could put it on a t-shirt? If we were to get several designs, we could make several versions. If we get nothing, we'll...punt.

What do you think? Ideas? Graphics? Flashes of brilliance?

In other news, check out this vid, which riversbend linked me to. It's the SPN boys cast in the credits of favorite old TV shows, including: Friends, Buffy, Knight Rider, The Love Boat and many more including, yes...Days of Our Lives. Have a look! Laugh! BE HAPPY!

AHA! Here's the link to the vid on LJ, it's by ash48. Go give her love!
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