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Tomorrow morning, I'm getting up early-ish to pick up phaballa at the airport. She's flying in from DC and is going to spend the night with me. I know we're going to dinner and to see a movie. I wish I could think of something really fun for us to do, but alas. I cannot.

Then, Friday, we're driving into Austin, where we'll meet up with txtequilanights and some of phaballa's buddies for drunken karaoke and the celebrating of Andrea and Rachel's birthdays. I haven't decided yet if I'm coming back home Saturday or Sunday, but either way, it should be a fun weekend!

OK, so artichokes. Thanks to everyone who gave me recipes the other day. (rivers_bend gets extra credit for describing sizes to me as fist-sized (i.e. small) or Jared-fist-sized (i.e. large.) HEE.)

But, I don't know. I just couldn't connect with any of those recipes. Frankly, 45 minutes of watching something simmer is longer than my attention span can handle. And anything with more than five steps? My eyes start to glaze over.

So, I surfed around the Internet a little and as soon as I found this recipe, I knew it was The One.

That's right. I cooked whole artichokes in the microwave. And they came out perfectly.


Artichokes in a bowl! (Apparently there are theories about which end goes up during steaming, but I just crammed them in the bowl.)

Ten minutes in the microwave and...

All steamed!

I've never eaten a whole artichoke before and I was concerned about having to work so hard to get AT my food. But it actually was kinda fun.

Discards! (Also...Mariah? Is a wedding REALLY secret, if it makes the cover of People? I think not.)

I'd also read that the center "choke" isn't edible. When you get to the part that looks like a thistle (what?!) you have to cut it out to get to the heart. I was a bit concerned about this as...effort. Also, what if I missed it and tried to eat something that killed me instantly? Fortunately, I knew what it was as soon as I found it.

I just used a fork to pry out all the yuck bits, cut the heart into pieces and ate it all up. Yum.

You can make any number of dipping sauces or whatever, but I just ate mine dry and the flavor was fab. The heart-bit was a little thick. I either should have cut it into smaller bites or added a little butter.

But overall? Success!

From The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth:

  • Artichokes are full of silymarin, which helps protect and nourish the liver.
  • Artichokes settle digestion and ease an upset stomach, and even chronic GI upset.
  • The vegetable contains 72 mg of magnesium, 425 mg of potassium, folate, lutein (good for your eyes!), zeaxanthin and 6 1/2 grams of fiber.
  • A medium-sized artichoke has 60 calories in the entire thing.
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