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take all your big plans and break 'em

I woke up early today (loooove waking up early) and got a bunch of errands done before it got super-hot. Came home and spent two hours re-reading all of Chicagoland. I love it SO MUCH. I read straight through lunch, I was so into it. Such an awesome story. *happy sigh*

Then I watched some Sex and the City. And tonight I'm having dinner with wickedsin, which will be fun.

Tomorrow, annkiri will be in Fort Worth so I'm going out there to spend the day (and possibly visit my parents.) Then, I am KIDNAPPING her and bringing her home to spend Wednesday and Thursday night with me. I WIN. We have mutual friends, ya know! Our big plans include eating. And maybe seeing Indiana Jones. And definitely re-watching the SPN finale. It should be a fun time.

Now? I'm going to mainline some fic before I have to get dressed and meet up with Lisa. I love semester break!
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