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a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard

I've been mainlining Sex and the City episodes and I just finished the one where Brady gets baptized and the water drips down onto Carrie's arm. Oh man. I maybe got tears of my own.

I've been thinking a lot lately about friends and friendships. To be perfectly frank, most of the time I lead a fairly solitary life and I like it that way. But lately, I've had occasion to spend time with some of my favorite people and it's been pretty amazing.

I've spent a couple of days with phaballa and txtequilanights who I always have a good time with. Those girls are always poised for some grand adventure and they have fun no matter what the situation. I like that I can talk to Andrea about super smart topics, or about boy bands. I love that Rachel likes what she likes and likes it with her whole heart. I like that they make me feel valued and instantly at ease.

Last Tuesday I had dinner with wickedsin, which always is a good time. I love that Lisa wants to make changes in her life and she's just going for it, just putting things in order to get herself where she needs to be. I love that she watches Gilmore Girls DVDs and reports her Jared sightings to me. I love that she always hopes for the best.

On Wednesday, I went into Fort Worth to meet up with annkiri and one of her friends and we walked all over the Botanical Gardens and then we visited a little with my mom (who has now called me twice to say how interesting and smart Ann is). On Thursday we went shopping and actually found clothes, it was very exciting! And now I have things to wear in public!

We also saw the new Indiana Jones movie, which I was unimpressed with, to be honest. We ate a ton of good food. I forced Ann to watch Cry_Wolf (which she'd never seen! Unacceptable!) and she retaliated by making me watch the first three episodes of the second season of Dark Angel. Baby Jensen is ADORABLE. And he says "Sasquatch." And they say he's six feet tall. What's not to love!

I love Ann so much that I don't even know where to start. I could talk to her all day and uhm. Did. For three days straight. She's so smart and confident and talented and I love how much she loves her family. We have EXACTLY the same sense of humor and I'm pretty sure we never stopped laughing. We just look at each other and laugh until we cry. She gets my sarcasm and she's a dang fine stylist too. She put up with my sick dog and my bad driving and my minor freak out over re-watching the SPN finale (I could NOT do it) and we had conversations about how pretty the boys are and then two seconds later we'd be discussing deep meta. She always understands what I'm trying to say and we think alike about so many things. Two peas in a pod indeed. To be perfectly honest, I'm having a bit of separation anxiety now that she's gone home.

Last night I went to a swap party (don't ask...apparently this is something people do now?) with some of my Arlington buddies that I've known for 24 years. That's no typo. I've been friends with these people for TWENTY FOUR YEARS. Good gravy. No one knows me better then they and they love me anyway. These are kick off your shoes, sit on the floor, and eat dip straight from the container kind of people. They make me laugh and they remind me that there are people who will love me no matter what. That's an easy thing to say, but having it in reality is an incredible thing.

And so, the point. I've been surrounded now for days and days by these amazing and unique women. By these friends who enrich my life and make it better in so many ways. And I've cherished them so much and I'm so thankful for them all.

But now they're all gone and I miss them. I miss having my friends here with me every day. I miss sharing coffee and laughing so hard I can't talk just because my foot itched a little (No. Really.) I...I just miss them. It's hard to have it and then not have it.

You know, it's a virtual world. And I value and treasure and need every one of my online friendships. But sometimes I forget that I need actual people too.
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