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I have decided that I randomly hate my New Camera. I know. I'm devastated as it cost about one zillion dollars and I will have to use it anyway for the rest of my life.

My old camera took effortlessly great pictures right up until it died. This one has about 700 steps just to turn it on. And then, I have to wait for it to zoom and focus and it takes forever and the close-up pics STILL come out blurry and I am very frustrated. In eleven days there will be five entire rows separating me from Jared Padalecki's pretty face. I NEED MY ZOOM, OK?

My Mom also isn't feeling well and it's bad enough that I'm not going to talk about it in a public post. It's just very scary and I don't know what to do or how to help. Or deal.

Tomorrow, my buddy Dondie is having her baby induced. Her sister had a baby two weeks ago and our friend Jill had a baby Monday, so. It's babies everywhere!! All boys, what's up with that? Growing up, all my friends had sisters and I had the only brother. Now, as adults, they all have boy babies and Addison is our only girl. So weird!

OK, this is embarrassing. But I've been watching the Real World this season. *cringes* Don't tell people. There is this one guy who looks JUST LIKE someone I went to high school with. I cannot look away! It's crazycakes!

I have THREE episodes of Sex and the City to watch and then I will be alllll ready to see the movie on Friday. It'll be Friday evening before I can, which blows, but STILL. Wooooo. I am very excited!

I've been reading this series of books that is eleven volumes long. I've been reading through them all for the last few months and now I am down to the last 200 pages of the last story and I canNOT make myself finish it. I can't just not read it, I've invested the time for ELEVEN BOOKS. But omg, I'm so over the storyline. I read about five pages and then put it down. SO BORED. I need it to be finished now, please.

All I want to do today is roll around in hot fic and look at pretty boys but noooo. I can't. I have to go into Dallas to do some stuff. *put upon sigh* I kinda miss my boys. *pines*

I still want that "Sexy Can I" song...would anyone consider uploading it for me? Pretty please?

Also, phaballa made up a music meme that I will do later today so you'll get some music from me in return. ALSO, I was vaguely thinking about doing an inappropriate fangirl-stalker mix (WHAT) but I only can come up with three songs. Which is 12 short of mix-length. BOOOO. As always, I have great ideas but fail on the execution part.

I love this icon.
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