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Stuff to Make Friday Shiny!

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but last night I ended up over on YouTube looking at SPN vids. Now, you have to understand...I really don't like surfing YouTube. I'll go there to look at specific things that people specifically link me to, but just to see what's there? *shakes head no*

So, after an embarrassing amount of time had passed, I was still feeling unsatisfied. (There is some BAD stuff there y'all!) And I was all..."Ohoh! I know what I want to see!! That vid deirdre_c did for WinCon! It was hilarious! And awesome!" So, I search for it and it's not there. I maybe pouted a little.

BUT! Then I remembered that I had dowloaded it, so I watched my copy and I was VERY HAPPY. And then I was looking at my downloaded vids and realized I had another by her that I loved and had forgotten about. So I watched! And had more happy! AND THEN. This cycle repeated a thrid time.

MY POINT HERE IS...you should go watch her vids because they are awesome and happy-making! (and juuuust a little cracky!)

All Sam/Dean and all by the lovely and talented deirdre_c:

  • Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmmmm" -- through season two.
  • Fit But You Know It -- through 3X05.
  • Birdhouse In Your Soul -- through 3X12.

    So, go watch those and then you will be happy today too!

    THEN! After the vid marathon! I went over to azewewish's writing journal and mainlined her entire Chris/Chad universe, which is AWESOME.

  • Negotiator
  • Owning Chad
  • Taming Chad
  • Welts
  • Punishing Chad
  • Handcuffed

    All by azewewish, all Chad/Chris, mostly NC-17, all AWESOME.

    And so, now I am back on THAT pairing and I want more. *makes grabby hands*

    *obsesses slightly*

    Happy Friday y'all!
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