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♥ Happy birthday aynslee! Hope you have an awesome, relaxing, happy day honey!

♥ MAKE MAX STOP BARKING. He's being so sweet and he just wants Val to plaaaay with him but he's making me crazy!

♥ I don't want Windows to install the newest update package as I know it conflicts with some software I have to use for school this semester. But it keeps trying to install it. How do I make the computer not do that?

♥ Last night I went to Dairy Queen and had a cotton candy Blizzard. So much sugar my teeth were vibrating. I guess it was OK. I would have rather had Reese's, I think.

♥ I have a small crush on Danielle Panabaker. It makes me feel like a huge fandom traitor, but I can't heeeelp it! She was valedictorian of her senior class. Oh and also? She GRADUATED high school at 14 years old! *swoons*

♥ I am DYING for some new romantic J2 fics. I want! I wish there was a new challenge along the lines of abouttwoboys or spn_harlequin. I dunno WHY as right now I pretty much feel guilty reading anything that isn't Big Bang. But WHATEVER! There should be some new, long, fluffy, schmoopy, so-sweet-your-teeth-ache J2 fics for me to read. *nods* Don't you think so too?

♥ You know the "thing" about how you can have a List with five celebs on it that you can sleep with and have no repercussions? Who is on your list?
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