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It's Monday!

So, you remember how the other day I was looking for schmoopy schmoop? Well, I found exactly what I needed.

  • Keep Coming Around by misskittye -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 26,403 words) -- Jensen is a vet, Jared is...Jared. Covered in kittens. No really! Go read this, it was exactly what I needed and just THINKING about it makes me happy all over again!

    ALSO! j2au is doing a Summer Love Song Fic Challenge, so go check that out so we can have some more love-ey, romantic goodness to look forward to!


    I really want an icon of Jared in the pink checked shirt. Anybody seen any awesome ones?

    Dear Jared: HOW ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL? Please continue with the hot assedness. Love, wendy

    ETA: Awesome Jared Interview YAY. *swoons some more* HOW IS HE SO ADORABLE!! Guuuh! The tongue-flicking, lip licking, hair flipping! DIMPLES. NGH!
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