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I'm working on this huge project for school and there are specific bits of it that are due tomorrow. It would take me hours to explain but the short version is that we have to create a collection and cataloging system and then, I don't know, defend all our choices and justify world peace. Or something.

It's made even more complicated by the fact that the professor won't give us examples because people tend to FOLLOW examples (imagine!) and he considers that PLAGIARISM. So.

Anyway. The day before a due date, the prof posts a little "if you forget to do these things, you will fail" reminder and one of the things he included this time was page lengths. Like....section A should equal two pages. Section B should be one page, etc.

WELL. All of my sections are about a page short of his estimates. And I've said all I had to say! I've padded! I've added examples! I am still short on EVERY SECTION. *flail*

This class is HARD. I do not want to fail! *whimper*

Also, I had to go to the dentist today. *frown*

BUT. Porn. Everywhere! Awesome fic EVERYWHERE. *rolls around in it*
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