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Anonymous comments

I've seen a lot of whispers about this topic lately but no actual discussion, and I'd like some. The subject? Anonymous commenting.

I've been on LJ a long time and I've left four, maybe five, anon comments in that time. I mostly stopped long, long ago because I could never remember to actually LOG-OUT before making them. Whoops? But even so, I never had a real RULE about it.

Cue last March and that lovely Brutal Honestly meme. I got slammed nice and good in that (my own fault, I asked for it, etc.) but so many of the comments were really frustrating. They were issues that EASILY could have been resolved if people would just talk to me. But because I had no idea who anyone WAS, there was no way for me to work on the situation or the hurt feelings.

I decided right then that I would NEVER make anon comments again. It's not worth it. I'd rather people not hate me, but if they DO then I at least want it to be because I stood up for my own opinion, you know? Also, if there's something so mean and awful that I'm not willing to say it out loud and under my own name? Well, for me that's a nice reality check that I probably should keep it to myself anyway.

(And for the record, I left many comments on that Brutal Honestly meme under my own name. I left ZERO anonymously.)

Anyway, people seem to afraid to talk out loud about this subject and I want to know...

Are anonymous comments ever ok? Why or why not?
Have you left anon comments for people before? Why or why not? How many? One...or often?
Is it acceptable to say things to/about people without your name attached? Why or why not?
Have you ever left anon comments that you then regretted?
Have you ever left anon comments solely for the point of causing wank?
Has anyone ever left you anon comments that hurt you? What was your reaction to that?
If someone came to you off-LJ and said "I said that about you, I'm sorry, can we talk about it?" what would your honest reaction be?
What else do you have to say about this topic?

My aim here is to get some discussion going. Everyone says anonymous comments are BAD BAD BAD but SOMEONE keeps leaving them. So clearly the line is finer than people want others to believe. Explain WHY to me.

I'd love it if everyone was honest here under their own name. But given the topic, I have enabled anon comments (ironic, what?). However, they are screened. Any comment that is a blatant personal attack (whether I like the person or not, agree with it or not) WILL NOT be unscreened. This is about conversation, not drama.
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