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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Lots of birthdays today! Happiest of them all to lostt1, mkitty3 and pocketfullof. Hope you each have a wonderful, amazing day. Have some cake for me!

I've mentioned before that I really don't spend much time just dorking around on YouTube. Mostly because when I DO, I just end up repeatedly watching things like Jensen Ackles morphing into Jake Gyllenhaal. (It's oddly hypnotizing, don't judge!)

But sometimes I run across GEMS, like this vid, which I'd never seen before and which is SO GOOD.

It's Supernatural, Stanford-era Wincest.

One of the things that most awes me about vidding is when people take existing clips and re-arrange them to make a completely new story. This does that perfectly.

And no one will watch it because I'm posting it on a SUNDAY, but really....it's awesome!

I'm off today to have lunch with my mom and her best friend. Later Gators!
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