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Tuesday Question

(arabella_hope asked this a week or so ago and I loved the conversation, so I'm STEALING it.)

What's your oldest icon? What has made you hang on to it for so long? Does it mean something specific? Do you use it for special things? Show me and tell me all about it!

Mine is this "life is a bowl of cherries" icon, which is directly responsible for the cherry obsession I had going on for a few years. For the record, the icon came first!

I actually picked it up when things were really hard and used it constantly to remind myself that life really was good. Every time I see it, I get that happy feeling, you know? It was my default for years and I didn't change it until I discovered Jared. :)

Your turn!

In other news, I hardly can keep my eyes open. What is wrong with me! I'm drinking coffee, hopefully that'll help. I really, REALLY need to do some more work on my paper this afternoon and I'm too sleepy to concentrate.
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