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it's the simple things in life like when and where

I just cannot wake up this morning. UGH. Sometimes I think my house has a carbon monoxide leak that drugs me or something. *drinks more coffee*

I am pretty sure I'll never ever be caught up on Big Bangs. I haven't read ANY in three weeks. *ashamed* I'll still be reading them in December, I think. But better late than never, yeah? The more stressed and guilty I feel about not reading, the less I actually WANT to read them, so. I'm trying to just put that all away and pretend that late feedback will be a TREAT for the authors. Or something.

I've been thinking about maybe starting to take yoga again. There's a local studio but it's more expensive than I can afford. The local rec center also offers classes so I might try that instead. Maybe. Thinking about joining a gym makes me break out in hives. I know it's a waste of money. So I'm pretending that it's only classes. We'll see.

I've also been thinking about maybe getting a bicycle. I haven't ridden a bike in, I don't know...25 years or so. But it might be fun. I like the idea of being able to go really far and really fast on it. I looked through craig's list and found one or two that I might be able to afford but...don't bikes come in sizes or something? I don't know about these things! How do I pick one??

I am OBSESSED with the Kidd Rock song "All Summer Long." Here's the video (which I also keep watching):

I want that quote in this entry's title on an icon. And a whole bunch more Kidd Rock music. Does anyone have some to share?

Here are some really awesome butterfly icons that I love a lot. They make me think of summer. I sort of want them all.

I was just bragging last week to annkiri (I think) about how much I love Will Smith and how he has this really awesome marriage and family that I admired so much. And then yesterday mandyremains links me to reports that the secret to Will and Jada's marriage is that they allow each other to fuck around. The secret to your marriage is CHEATING on each other??? Will Smith, I am UNIMPRESSED with you. *disappointed*

I need to finish up my paper that's due today and then get started on the one that's due Thursday. I might need someone who knows APA Style really well to proof that second one for me. I only know MLA and this prof will only let us use APA and I don't know. It's stressing me out!

OMG, I made awesome veggie fajitas last night. I just had a craving so I made a big batch just for ME ME ME. Yum. But they didn't taste nearly as good without a huge pitcher of margaritas annkiri and wrenlet to share them with.

My email just popped up a reminder that Jared's birthday is in four days! What should I do to celebrate? Any awesome ideas???

OK, I think I'm done for now!
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