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I went to a yoga class this morning. I know. CRAZY. It was an interesting experience for many reasons not the least of which was because I am old and fat and physically unable to do 90 percent of what the rest of the class just whipped through. But that's ok. I did the best I could and that's enough. Also, I have nothing even close to workout clothes so I just wore PJ pants. Every one else was in spandex. *moan* Kiss my ass in-shape-stay-at-home-suburban-moms. PJ PANTS. Ugh. The humiliation.


We talk a lot about fic and fic recs and fics we love, but today I want to talk about icons and graphics and artists. Do you have icon makers that you love? An artist that you stop and stare at every post they make?

For icons, I pretty much adore mignolagraphics, misty_creates and shinyhappicons. I'm ALWAYS guaranteed to find an icon I love in every post they make.

I'll admit fanart isn't always my personal favorite thing. But I love what cathydraws does. Every piece she posts sort of makes me want to print it out and hang it on my wall.

OK, your turn! Tell me who you love. Tell me why. Show me something they did.
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