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Back Roads by Tawni O'Dell

I just finished reading Back Roads by Tawni O'Dell.

At some recent con Jared told a fan he wanted to make this book into a movie and also that he was attached to the main character, who is named Harley. (I admit this is why I picked it up to begin with but it's also an Oprah book.)

The book is freaking AMAZING. Really well written and the characters are so captivating. I love how the plot hints at things but lets the reader figure it out before the story itself reveals everything. And I'll admit that I cried during the last fifty pages or so.

But I have to wonder if Jared's even read this book. First of all, it deals with a topic that I'd think he (specifically) would want to steer clear of. Second, I don't think there's a part in it for Jared. At all. The main character is 19 and the only other male character is the Dad, who only is seen in flashbacks. Maybe he just wants to produce it? I dunno.

This section did catch my eye though:

Then I started thinking about Mom and how different her life would have been if that trucker hadn't dozed off on his way from Sheboygan to Chicago with a trailer full of bratwurst and wiped out her family. She would never have moved here. She would never have been looking for someone to save her from an old aunt and uncle who didn't want her around. She would have never screwed my dad and got pregnant.

But, in any case, the book is really good. It's heartbreaking and funny and sad and desperate and conflicting and in-your-face and...you should go read it and then come back so we can discuss.
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