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It's Friday! Fandom is crazy! Whatever!

I want to know all about how YOU are crazy. kerryblaze asked this question the other day and since we don't have a lot of flist crossover, I thought I'd repeat it.

What's the craziest thing you've done for your fandom? It doesn't have to be an action, it could've been a thought or a feeling. Just something that you did and thought, "Wow. That's a bit weird even for me!" or "I know thinking like this is really irrational!"

I had a few things that sprang to mind when I read this question:

-Definitely flying (argh! and driving! 12 hours to Nashville!!) all over the country to meet fangirls and spending, I don't know, approximately one zillion dollars going to cons.

-Skipping work the day of artist claiming for the first round of Big Bang.

-Figuring out a way to make work pay to send me to Phoenix so I could see the first screening of "Ten Inch Hero."

-I also waited outside in the FREEZING cold (without a coat, natch) to see a band I don't even really like because I wanted to be with fangirls.

-I regularly dream about fanfic I've read.

I feel certain more will come to me. *looks shifty*

OK, your turn. TELL ME.
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