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♥ The future father of my children turned 26 on Saturday. I wore pink in his honor and loved on my puppies extra. Happy belated birthday Jared-baby! Love ya to bits and I'll see you again in March.

♥ Saw Dark Knight. It was half incredibly awesome and half too long and boring.

♥ Before DK though, I did see the trailer for Watchmen. It looks fairly interesting...I admit I know zero about it beyond what I've heard other fangirls say. I put the graphic novel on reserve at the library so I maybe can get a little ramp-up. But really what I can't move past is that every time I see this picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in character from the movie...at first glance I mistake it for Robert Downey Jr. EVERY TIME.

♥ Something also previewed before DK that caught my attention even more was Blindness. WOW. It looks like a rough movie to watch, I hope it's something I can handle. I read a little about the book it's based on and I know it's really ambiguous and a lot goes unexplained (the main character is never even given a name, for example), but I think its potential is off the charts. I cannot WAIT to see it.

♥ When I was in LA a few weeks ago, I noticed posters up everywhere for something called Tru Blood. I'm used to seeing movie posters all over LA (sometimes to the point that I refuse to see a movie just in silent protest -- Sarah Marshall, I am looking at YOU!) but this was a drink? I don't know, it was very confusing. I asked annkiri if she thought it was some kind of energy drink but she mostly was like "I don't know, stop talking."

Anyway, I finally remembered to google it this weekend and it's a viral tie-in for HBO's new show True Blood. OOOOHHH! I read a little on various Web sites about some of the marketing they've been doing and I am SO IN. This is just the sort of junk I love. I watched the "leaked" pilot on Sunday and really liked it. The Southern accents are horrific and it feels very Twilight-esque (I have not read Twilight but I do know the basic storyline), but it's an awesome mix of sex, violence, humor and some kick-ass characters. I will definitely be watching this come September.

heidi8 did a really fun SPN vid that's pretty much the Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean set to the song Escape. (AKA the Pina Colada song) Sooooo much love, this vid is my happy place for today.

♥ I started reading Suzanne Somer's book Ageless this weekend. And while I AM interested in what she has to say about nutrition and bio-identical hormones, I have somehow missed the memo that Suzanne Somer is now complete quackers! Did she go crazy and no one told me? Like...I-have-seen-aliens and vitamins-cured-my-cancer crazy! It's fascinating.

Some things I want (do you have them?):

  • The song "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch.

  • Miley Cyrus's new album Breakout. (The song "7 Things" in specific, but I realllly want the whole album too!)

  • X-Files: Revelations. My library doesn't have it, Netflix doesn't have it...I REALLY want to see this before the movie comes out this week. It's supposed to be the essentials you need to re-ramp up and I need to remind myself what's going on! HELP!
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