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I want to post something but I don't know what! So, I guess I'll just ramble...

  • I spent the day with my mom, which was nice but a bit exhausting.

  • In 2006 I was on my city's library board and it was a good experience, interesting and not difficult. I was re-appointed in 2007 but had to quit because I was traveling too much for work and couldn't make the meetings. The head librarian (who I know very well) emailed this morning and asked if I would re-apply for the 2009 board (which technically starts in October.) I thought about it all day and finally figured out that the biggest CON is that meetings are Thursday nights. That makes me mad a little bit. I cannot put my life on hold for a TV show! Especially not one I can DVR and still watch the same night it airs! So. I dropped off my application this evening. It isn't a done deal, but we'll see what happens next.

  • I am having a full-on CRUSH on Jensen Ackles this week. I always adore Jensen and, of course, I always think he's beautiful, but my crush-ey feelings for him come and go. And OMG have they come (so to speak) this week! JENSEN. *makes grabby hands* I was going to picspam to re-enforce the issue but every picture I can find feels like it's already been posted 7000 times, so I didn't do it. But I RESEARCHED all the same. It was verrrry hard work. *wipes up drool* So freaking hot. (I so, so, soooo need better/newer/HOTTER icons of him!)

  • Don't forget to go tell me what your fave fan fic of all time is!

  • I have a TV-watching plan. Starting this weekend, I'm going to watch season three of Weeds. Then, I'm going to watch the last two eps of Dark Angel, which I still haven't seen. (It seems WRONG to watch them without annkiri since I saw the rest of them with her. However. See above paragraph about my Jensen crush...) And then? I think I might FINALLY start Gilmore Girls. We'll see.

  • I re-did all the user info. at cw_rps, so hopefully that'll help streamline things over there. strippedpink is going to do an updated layout too and then we'll be all spiffy and shiny again! WOOOO.

    Hmmm, what else?
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