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think I’m gonna get myself happy

I am super pumped for today! *claps hands excitedly* I'm having a Wendy-Day and only doing fun things!

First, I'm going to yoga. Then, I'm having a yummy lunch at Panera. Then! I'm going shopping to buy a bag someone on my flist posted and I love so much that I must have one of my OWN.

THEN. I'm going to see the X-Files movie at 2 p.m. WOOOOOO!

After THAT, I'm coming home and hopefully I will have some super hot fic waiting in my in-box for beta. And then I will power through a Big Bang or two until I fall asleep.

Perfect day!

In other very happy news, I got mail!

  • weesta sent me TWO postcards from her recent road trip, one of which is...are you ready for this? From Lawrence, Kansas! YES! I have it pinned up on my bulletin board. Awww boys.

  • I also got some awesome (and adorable) cherry notepads from willedit (so tiny! so wee!) along with an amaaazing handmade cherry note card. I continue to be in awe of your talent and creativity Michelle!

  • And then! This one is a little embarrassing because it actually is postmarked July 15 (but in my defense it was buried under bills that I was pretending didn't exist!) I got a sweet card from causeways that included J2 beach vacation fic that I would pay Kelly TEN DOLLARS to write more of. Ten dollars Kell! THINK ABOUT IT!

    Have the happiest Friday possible y'all!
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