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today will be even better

I was in a terrible mood all day yesterday. I laid in bed and tried to come up with ten good things about the day. And I actually DID it!

So, yeah. Ten good things about yesterday:

1. I got all my groceries for under $50. (Very unusual for me.)
2. Took an amaaaazing nap in the afternoon and Max and Val both snuggled me the entire time.
3. This ad in this week's Entertainment Weekly.
4. New pictures of Jensen smiling (like this) and Jared being adorable (like this).
5. Awesome yoga class.
6. Getting a ton of work done on my paper.
7. Season Three of Weeds.
8. When asked if there was going to be a real Tru Blood beverage, Alan Ball answered "V8, Valium, Vicodin and Viagra." (from here.)
9. Making plans to see friends in August, September, October AND November.
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