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You know what I love? When people randomly upload happy songs. Will you upload a happy song for me today?

rheyamorgaine! Thank you for the sweet note! It's fun to get unexpected mail!

Yesterday I spend the afternoon with some buddies in Dallas and that was fun. Then I took my ipod (which was refusing to turn on) to the Apple store to see what they could do. In about 14 seconds they had it fixed. SUCCESS! But the guy also said he thinks my hard drive is about to fail and it's really only a matter of time. *sadface* I'm just hoping it holds until at least Christmas, if not longer. We'll see!

I also read the first two chapters of Watchmen. Don't understand a single thing happening. The present/flashback meld is really confusing. (And yes, I've read both graphic novels and comic books before, format isn't the issue.) Anyway, hopefully it'll clear itself up here shortly. I guess the premise is pretty interesting. I like the murder mystery and the idea that the good people are bad people. But...it also would help if the story made some actual sense too! JUST SAYIN.

Today is the last day of Big Bang posting! I am both very happy and very sad about this for different reasons. I still have soooo much fic to read. But man, EVERY ONE IS SO GOOD!

Decisions are HARD. Doesn't mean they can be avoided though.

See how disjointed this post is? That's what it's like inside my head right now too.

In conclusion: Happy Friday! Upload some happy music! Read some awesome Big Bang fic! BE HAPPY!
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