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Rights of Passage: Indigo Girls

This is yet another IG album that always will mean college and summer camp to me. Oh we used to listen to this CD on repeat for HOURS.

This is an awesome mix of politics, love lost, hope and lyrics that are really poetry set to music.

A couple of these songs are among my most favorites: Galileo (went to #10 on the billboard charts), Ghost and Virginia Woolf. I also really love Nashville, though it was never a "hit."

And really now, who can resist a symbolic and cryptic song called "Chicken Man"? No one! One of my buddies and I used to discuss the lyrics for this song and for "Cedar Tree" for hoooours trying to make sense of them.

Rights of Passage: Indigo Girls

1. Three Hits
2. Galileo
3. Ghost
4. Joking
5. Jonas and Ezekial
6. Love Will Come to You
7. Romeo and Juliet
8. Virginia Woolf
9. Chicken Man
10. Airplane
11. Nashville
12. Let It Be Me
13. Cedar Tree

I offer thanks to those before me, thats all Ive got to say, cause maybe you squandered big bucks in your lifetime, now I have to pay, but then again it feels like some sort of inspiration, to let the next life off the hook, but she'll say look what I had to overcome from my last life, I think Ill write a book

the mississippi's mighty, but it starts in minnesota, at a place that you could walk across, with five steps down, and I guess that's how you started, like a pinprick to my heart, but at this point you rush right through me, and I start to drown

dark and dangerous like a secret, that gets whispered in a hush, when I wake the things I dreamt about you, last night make me blush, and you kiss me like a lover, then you sting me like a viper, I go follow to the river, play your memory like a piper

now I see your face before me, I would launch a thousand ships, to bring your heart back to my island, as the sand beneath me slips, as I burn up in your presence, and I know now how it feels, to be weakened like achilles, with you always at my heels

Love Will Come to You
And I wish her insight to battle loves blindness, strength from the milk of human kindness, a safe place for all the pieces that scattered, learn to pretend there's more than love that matters

Virginia Woolf
he place where you hold me, is dark in a pocket of truth, the moon had swallowed the sun and the light of the earth, and so it was for you, when the river eclipsed your life, and sent your soul like a message in a bottle to me and it was my rebirth

the apathy of time laughs in my face, you say each life has its place

all those voices they whisper through my walls, they talk of falling fast they say I'm losing it all, they say I'm running blind to a love of my own, but I'll be walking proud, I'm saving what I still own, I fell on my knees to kiss your land but you are so far down and I can't even see to stand, nashville

Let It Be Me
well the world seems spent, and the president, has no good idea, who the masses are, well I'm one of them, and I'm among friends, we're trying to see beyond, the fences in our own backyards. I've seen the kingdoms blow, like ashes in the winds of change, but the power of truth, is the fuel for the flame. so the darker the ages get, there's a stronger beacon yet

if the world is night, shine my life like a light


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