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I just posted the masterlist for spn_j2_bigbang. I really encourage y'all to go scroll through it and see what awesome fic and art you might have missed. There is some AMAZING stuff. Every time I read something new, I'm blown away all over again.

I think it's funny (is that the right word?) when people add me on Twitter. I a) haven't used it in more than a year b) only used it ONCE. Is that weird? Or am *I* weird?!!?

Also, what's the deal with Facebook? People send you virtual stuff and then you have to click OK on an agreement to share your info. with a third party? Why would you DO that? I don't geeeeet it. I fail at Facebook.

My ipod went on and died completely this weekend. It won't turn on at all, won't restore or sync or play or anything. I'm bereft. *sigh* I love my ipod!! I don't know what I'll do now that I don't have one. Whine a lot, I suspect.

Saturday night I went to roller derby. It's the first bout I've been able to get to all season and it was AWESOME. The second set of teams were really evenly matched and stayed within five points of each other for the whole game. They went into the very last jam completely tied and the jammer scored the winning point with about four second left on the clock. AHHHH! SO EXCITING!

When I got in my car at midnight, it was still 97 degrees outside. 0_o

As noted elsewhere, Jared's movie the Christmas Cottage is going straight to DVD. This just means that I can watch it multiple times without having to PAY or, uhm, show my face in public. I think maybe that counts as a personal win.

87 days until my birthday! In case you're counting! WHICH I AM.
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