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Today I am having an adventure. Mom and I are taking Addison, April and April's mom out to Fossil Rim. Normally I excuse myself from all animal-related activities so I'm not sure exactly how I got roped into this one, but here I am! About to trek off into the Hill Country to show live giraffes to a terrified toddler. WOOOOO. (Yes, my camera is already in the car.) It's going to be a CRAZY trip, for many reasons, so cross your fingers that we all survive!

Is anyone planning to see Pineapple Express today? I wanted to see it tomorrow (I have a baby crush on Seth Rogan, ok??) but I just heard on the radio that it's super violent...and I don't ever watch violent movies unless some guy named Jared or Jensen is starring in them. So, I need a judge's ruling before I go. If you see it, let me know, ok?

I think most people know that I firmly believe that celebrating small victories is really important. I have one to share. Yesterday in yoga, I fiiinally managed to do a full forward fold. This is basically just touching your toes except that you put your palms flat on the floor and keep your back and legs straight. I can't do it cold, but once I'm stretched out? No problem. I can't even remember the last time I was flexible enough to get to my own toes from a standing position, so....it's A Big Deal. GO ME! It's nice to have tangible results of the effort.

LASTLY! Yesterday I was reading a fic where Jensen randomly calls Jared "Sasquatch" and for some reason, I flashed back to hearing Jensen call Jared "Jumbo" and so. That led me right back to watching this again, which is my happy place for the day:

Happy Wednesday y'all!
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