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Talk to me about commas. And Blane.

The last couple of times I've betaed for people, we've had this conversation:

Wendy: OMG there are commas EVERYWHERE! NO MORE COMMAS.
Other person: Shut up bitch, my commas are GRAMMATICAL.
Wendy: A comma every fourth word is good grammar???
Other person: I said SHUT IT.

So, LJ. I think we need to come to a common agreement on comma usage. I'm pretty sure rules have changed in the 2000 years since I graduated from English class. Also, I learned journalistic writing, which pretty much would never use a comma at all if possible, so. Refresh me. Let's talk about this comma situation and get everyone working off of one rule book so I can stop fighting with authors. *grin*

Commas. Discuss.

Second! Everything I read about Project Runway's Blane is that he's funny and an awesome guy. But I sort of think the editors are editing him weirdly on purpose, to make me hate him. What do you think?

Project Runway's Blane:

Delightful, quirky, funny, fun!
Weird, obnoxious, is this guy for real?

Blane. Discuss.
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