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Where can I find a schedule for the Olympic stuff? Honestly I never pay that much attention, just sort of dropping in for the things other people point me towards. But I love the swimming and the gymnastics, and maybe other things too, so I think this year I'd like to focus on the games a little bit.

Have y'all heard about this game called Hole in the Wall? It's a Japanese game that Fox is bringing to the US on its fall schedule. I don't GET it. Apparently it has quite the cult following. I see how it could be amusing for abbbbout five minutes. But after that? I'm mystified!

I am madly in love with all this jewelry. There's a little shop here in town that sells it and I really want some. Alas, it's too expensive for me to impulse buy right now. But still. I LOVE IT.

It's Friday. I love Fridays. They just feel different than the rest of the week.
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