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helllooo Tuesday!

♥ I had to go to bed before it was over...what ended up happening with the men's gymnastics team? I saw the US finish, just not where the scoring ended up.

♥ I love the US men's team's awesome story and all their heart. I could have done without them yelling shout-outs into every camera that crossed their paths, all night long, though. So annoying. It's a reality TV generation, I guess.

♥ I heard last night that Michael Phelps eats 10,000 calories a day.

♥ I'm ashamed, but several people asked: olympic_slash

♥ I read two Big Bangs yesterday and they were both awesome. I want a dedicated block of time to read MORE. *pouts*

♥ Last night I dreamed that Jared Padalecki was asleep in my bed. That was pretty much the entire dream, but it was verrrry nice.

♥ Today I'm going over to my mom's house. One of my best and oldest friends is bringing her two boys over (she has a four-month-old baby that my mom has never met) and I invited myself over too! Good times.

♥ Feeling very scattered.
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